Pen & Touch for Enterprise

Touch screen technology took the computing world by storm. However, active pens are going to change today's business operations, since touch is not enough.

Response time is a key challenge in business environment. Quick turnaround in operational processes increases productivity, helping reduce time to market and improving customer satisfaction for both internal business colleagues or external business partners.

Using an active pen on computing devices adds "always-on" capabilities to business operations. It improves collection of signatures, filling out order forms, or checking task lists - whether onsite or on-the-go.

N-trig's active pen is enhanced with precise character recognition abilities, which enable accurate conversion of handwritten words to typed text. This helps automate and improve business and operational processes, reducing time-consuming manual work. Furthermore, using digital inking eliminates the need for paper, lowering costs for ink and toner, too.

By implementing N-trig's combined touch and pen solution mobile device makers can differentiate their offerings from the competition, extending their market share beyond the existing users in the enterprise, education and consumer markets.

  • Sign, comment or take notes online
  • Sign forms and formal letters
  • Add comments to PDF, PowerPoint or Word documents
  • Annotate photos and diagrams
  • Fill-in purchase orders or check inventory