N-trig Announces Enhanced DuoSense® Fourth Generation Product Line

June 20, 2012 |     Print This Article

Includes Single Chip, Precise Active Pen with New Features, and User Interface that Allows for Simultaneous Pen and Multi-Touch Input

KFAR SABA, Israel - June 20th, 2012 - N-trig, providers of the DuoSense® pen and multi-touch user interface, today announced their fourth generation updated product line. The new offerings include an enhanced version of the DuoSense solution, a DuoSense active pen with an advanced feature set, and a single chip solution, all of which run over a variety of operating systems, including all Windows platforms and Android.

"N-trig continues to invest in its technology in order to offer unparalleled pen and multi-touch performance, while helping OEMs meet increasing market demand for thinner, lighter and smaller devices," said Ronen Heldman, VP Marketing. "Furthermore, the precision, accuracy and natural feel of our new pen offers a level of comfort and familiarity that is comparable to writing on paper."

Enhanced DuoSense Solution
The enhanced DuoSense solution, which is fully compatible with Windows 8, provides more processing power, supports up to 10-finger input, and delivers simultaneous pen and multi-touch interaction. The enhanced DuoSense also supports various sensor designs and technologies including One Glass Solution (OGS) at 0.55mm, PET based sensors, Glass Film/Film (GFF) and Glass Film (G1F). In addition, its improved feature set will help OEMs meet rapidly growing market demand for pen and multi-touch solutions that offer users better response time, higher precision and increased touch-screen sensitivity.

Single Chip for Pen and Touch Solutions
N-trig has also added an innovative single chip solution to the DuoSense product line. The DS-P4096 is the first on the market to support both pen and multi-touch input for mobile computing, allowing for easier integration and flexibility in thinner and slimmer computing designs. It also offers the ability to support a chip-on-flex configuration, in which the chip is directly mounted and electronically connected to a flexible circuit, eliminating the need for a controller. It supports screen sizes of up to 11.6", and can be extended with additional DuoSense analog chips up to 17".

DuoSense Pen with New Feature Set
N-trig's newly upgraded active pen provides a natural pen-on-paper feel for screen ink input and features fully customizable pen ID and functionality, including interchangeable tips and option side buttons. The active pen is an intuitive easy-to-use pen that expands the horizons of mobile computing and is the ideal tool for students providing them with a completely versatile computing device to draw, sketch, take notes, collaborate with friends and teachers and do homework directly on their e-textbooks.

About N-trig
With a global presence, N-trig operates within the pen and touch-enabled ecosystem, offering DuoSense a complete solution in a single-digitizer for mobile computing devices and a variety of chipset solutions that combine active pen and multi-touch functionality to meet the ever-increasing demand for productivity on the move. The DuoSense active pen enables users to annotate on screen in a similar manner to pen-on-paper and the multi-touch capabilities allow users to interact directly with their computing devices, enhancing the mobile computing experience from passive to active for increased productivity and true interaction. DuoSense supports multiple operating systems, including Windows®, AndroidTM and Linux® and can be implemented across a wide variety of devices such as handhelds, tablets, ultrabooks, netbooks and desktop replacements. N-trig has offices in Israel, the US, Taiwan, China and Japan. For more information, please visit www.n-trig.com.

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